Borrowing regulations

  1. All permit holders can borrow titles.
  2. A maximum of three titles can be borrowed at once.
  3. New titles can be borrowed only after returning all previously borrowed titles.
  4. Titles can be borrowed for a period of 14 calendar days from the day of expedition.
  5. For each delayed day, there is a penalty fee of 1 RON / day. The materials are considered delayed for a period of 30 calendar days from the date of expedition. Starting with the 31st day, the materials are considered to be lost and compensations must be paid.
  6. The materials can be picked up personally form the NBCC Romania office in 189 Calea Văcărești, M building, ground floor, sector 4, Bucharest or can be mailed through a courier at to the address indicated by the solicitant in the “Delivery address” section of the forms.
  7. In case of requesting materials through mail, NBCC Romanian uses the services of private couriers and postage the costs are to be supported by the solicitant. To ensure that the materials reach the solicitant, please fill in carefully the “Delivery address” section.
  8. The returning of the materials can be made personally or via private courier (the postage costs are to be supported by the solicitant/sender). If you are returning the materials via postage/courier, we kindly as you to make sure that you use services that do not require a NBCC Romania employee to travel from the office in order to pick up the materials.
  9. Loss or damage of the materials incurs compensation fees or replacement of the materials with copies of the materials in good condition. The compensation fees represent the equivalent of three times the price of the material.

For more information, please contact NBCC Romania at