About Us

NBCC Romania is a consultative and educative body that initiates and sustains activities with the purpose of promoting, developing and professionalizing counseling in Romania. NBCC Romania is part of the European network coordinated by European Board for Certified Counselors (EBCC) .

NBCC Romania collaborates with academic institutions, professional organizations, governmental and non-governmental agencies and private companies with the aim of supporting the professionalization of counseling activities and their promotion in Romania.

NBCC Romania develops counseling training programs, adapting universal counseling concepts and techniques to the national specific and to the economic, social and political needs of the Romanian society.

NBCC Romania desires to be involved in creating and implementing a national system of norms with ethical and qualitative standards to ensure good counseling activities – standards promoted within specific certification programs.


NBCC Romania’s mission:

  • Facilitation of the counseling profession in Romania by supporting the Romanian counseling community, transferring know-how and international networking, publishing of specialty papers, event organizing (workshops, seminars, round tables, classes, conferences, etc.);
  • Developing and promoting career counseling, school counseling and mental health training programs in all types of environments;
  • Developing and promoting high quality standards for the Romanian counseling training programs;
  • Offering specialty consultancy in the counseling area for public and private professional organizations; assisting, on request, the activity of school and university counseling centers, public and private organizations;
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship in counseling



Certificat ISO_Despre noi

NBCC Romania obtained the ISO 9001 : 2008 certification in 2010 for quality management regarding the educational activities associated with the GCDF program.

The ISO 9001:2008 standard helps the organization control the quality of the provided services, becoming a reliable partner for the clients and the providers. The organization has a system of procedures that ensures an unitary reaction for maintaining the satisfaction of clients.