Projects for academia

GCDF in the academic field

The GCDF training was implemented within several universities in Romania:

  • University of Bucharest– Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, facultative class for masters’ students
  • University Titu Maiorescu, Bucharest – Faculty of Psychology, “Scholar Psychology and educational counseling” Master Program
  • University Politehnica, Bucharest – “Career counseling and management in the professional and technical field” Master Program
  • University Petrol si Gaze, Ploiești
  • University Petru Maior, Târgu Mureș – “Career management and counseling” Master Program


MHF in the academic field (in progress)

The Mental Health Facilitator MHF training is in process to be implemented as an elective class for masters’ students at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, Bucharest University.


Organization of international conferences