Continuous education events

As part of the efforts to actively promote the institution of counseling in Romania by creating a career counseling community, NBCC Romania supports and encourages all organizations that wish to organize continuous education activities.

The continuous education activities are seminaries, conferences, workshops, round tables, etc., centered on themes of interest for the career counselors community.

The GCDF career counselors must gather, along the five years of certification, 75 hours of continuous education. These hours can be accumulated by attending events organized by NBCC Romania or by other suppliers authorized by NBCC Romania.

Continuous education events (workshops, seminars, conferences, round tables, etc.) can be authorized provided that the organizations/institutions act according to the organizing procedure of such events. The procedure, in detailed format, is available upon request and NBCC Romania offers to provide assistance and support in implementing such activities.

The seminars, workshops, round tables must address at least one of the 12 GCDF competences areas in order to qualify as activities with hours of continuous education.

The GCDF certified counselors who participate in such events receive hours of continuous education that are taking into account for the recertification process.

For questions and more information we invite you to contact NBCC Romania: