GCDF Certification

The GCDF certification has the following eligibility conditions:

  • Bachelor degree (any field);
  • Experience in career counseling or similar activities (management, human resources, training/education, consultancy etc) – 200 hours minimum;
  • Attending the GCDF training program delivered by an authorized supplier;
  • Adhesion to Ethical Code which offers ethical best practices and behavior frameworks

The processing fee for the certification is 50 Euro.

The application file must include:

  • Application Form (handed out by the trainer to the graduates),
  • Copy of a valid ID card,
  • Copy of the most recent bachelor degree diploma,
  • Attestation of training completion from the authorized GCDF supplier,
  • Copy of the marriage certificate in case the name has changed,
  • Payment proof of the certification fee.

The GCDF certificate is valid for 5 years, the recertification requiring practice, supervision and continuous education in the competence areas of the GCDF program (75 hours of continuous education gathered in the 5 years of certification).