GCDF training program

The GCDF curriculum has a flexible design, adapted to the national specific and can be personalized based on the needs and the context of the trainees.

The training has a duration of 120 hours, divided between face to face group activities (a minimum of 65 hours), individual study, online interaction and supervision of a real career counseling process.

At the end of the training, each participant will have a personal portofolio of instruments which can be used later in the career development activities.

The competences identified as necessary for providing career facilitation services, developed through the GCDF training program, are part of the following areas:

  • Career development models
  • Helping skills
  • Assessment
  • Labor market information and resources
  • Cultural diversity
  • Ethical and legal issues
  • Employability skills
  • Training clients and peers
  • Program management/implementation
  • Promotion and PR
  • Technology
  • Consultation

Immediate evaluation of the program’s efficiency is done through:

  • A portfolio which includes exercises from the manual of the GCDF and any other additional tasks given by the trainer
  • Short evaluation tasks at the end if each module
  • Audio-video recordings of the counseling sessions with the client and a short case presentation.


After the finalization of the GCDF training program, the graduates can apply for the GCDF certification.


The GCDF training program is delivered in Romania in several ways: