Benefits of the MHF program

Benefits for trainees:

  • Increased confidence;
  • Improved communication skills;
  • Enhanced personal relationship skills;
  • Acknowledging stress factors and the way they can alter the behavior;
  • Increasing the resistance to stress factors;
  • Increasing the capacity to help those in need of moral support as they go through difficult situations;
  • Increasing the capacity to identify personal and system difficulties in achieving the personal goals;
  • Recognizing mental health problems and recommending specialized help.


Benefits for the others:

  • Enhanced quality of life;
  • Improved problem solving skills;
  • Referrals to the existing community resources;
  • Recognition of problems before a crisis develops.


Benefits for organization:

  • Decreasing work/school absenteeism;
  • Increasing performance due to wellness optimization.


Benefits for community and society:

  • Reduced discrimination and stigma;
  • Promoting a set of fundamental values;
  • Empowered and self-sufficient people;
  • Decreased burden on formal mental health services.