Needs addressed by MHF

The transformations suffered by the Romanian society in the context of the European and global evolution have created new pressure sources over the individual, which have lead to an increase in the number of cases of depression, alcohol and drugs abuse, anxiety and coping disorders, especially in kids and teenagers. Even if we are not directly affected by such situations, we have daily contact with people in need of support and guidance for gaining their personal equilibrium.


The training is destined to:

  • all the professional categories that come in contact with the population, such as: trainers, human resources specialists, counselors, medical personnel, team managers, priests, paramedics
  • those who confront with relational problems within their family or antourage and wish to develop their empathic communication abilities.


The objectives of the program:

  • identifying relational and equilibration difficulties of people as a result of stressful or traumatic experiences
  • improving the support and help abilities offered to the people in crisis situation, including the recommendation of specialized help and resources
  • offering emotional first aid through empathic listening to people in crisis situations.



The MHF abilities should not be missing from the arsenal of anyone working with people, be it teachers, doctors, managers, public administration employees, etc. It is a program that personally develops, first of all, the one attending it and then has a positive influence on the people with whom the trainee is interacting on a daily basis. I recommend acquiring the MHF abilities in a certified program!

Adriana Georgescu, Explorer Kid Founder, GCDF