MHF Training Program

The MHF training program is conceived as a 30 hours class of teaching and practical activities.

During the 30 hours of training, the trainees will develop supporting abilities regarding cultural diversity, violence, trauma, suicide prevention, abilities of assessment and referring to mental health specialists, according to the needs of the person.

At the end, the trainees will receive a graduation certificate and will be entered in the MHF Internationa Registry.

The training is organized by NBCC Romania as an open course or, personalized, according to the needs of an organization.

The program of the next MHF class is available here.


“In the last years, we are witnessing increasing actions in the local and international public space that promote mental health, raising the awareness of its’ importance in the optimal functioning of the individual. I believe we are never doing enough in terms of promoting this subject, especially from the perspective of eliminating the social stigma around mental health issues and the existence of support options.

I had the opportunity to attend, a year ago, the MHF (Mental Health Facilitator) training and I can say it was an extremely useful experience, which brought me new information about mental health, but also a high quality interaction with facilitators who are passionate about the subject, who offered a variety of resources and recommendations targeted to develop the knowledge acquired during the few days of training.

The training is very well structured and it addresses everyone interested in mental health and in contributing to overcome obsolete mentalities that are, unfortunately, still present in the Romanian society.

Congratulations to NBCC for bringing in Romania a high quality program, very necessary for all of us!”

Raluca Elgyar, Senior Consultant SHL Romania