Mental Health Facilitator

Although there is no consensus regarding an exact definition, mental health refers to a state of personal equilibrium that allows people to fully benefit of their abilities, to successfully deal with daily stress, to be productive and to bring a significant contribution to the community and society.

The MHF(Mental Health Facilitator) training program is the outcome of the collaboration between NBCC International and The World Health Organization and it represents an introductory training with the primary goal to inform the public interested in the area of mental health and facilitate the access to services provided in the community by helping professions (social workers, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists).

The MHF program represents an answer to the global need of increasing the community’s capacity to offer support for the people who are going through hardship, in the context in which, globally, there is a huge number of people who cannot benefit from mental health services.

The MHF program does not aim to create a new profession or to train specialists. The objective  is to develop a series of abilities and to offer knowledge, in a manner in which the MHF can recognize a person with needs in the mental health area, has the tools to offer immediate support adapted to the community specifics and can facilitate the contact with a specialist.

MHF is implemented world-wide, the program unwinding already in 20 countries (Bhutan, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Greece, Hungry, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Liberia, Malawi, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and U.S.A.), and having over 1600 MHFs, Trainers and Master Trainers.



The MHF program is not just another program seeking to sensitize us to the problems which the contemporary individual has, but it is a complete program looking to consolidate a mental health culture, offering action tools for the mental health non-specialists who have loved ones (or work with people) who confront with problems and do not know what else to do except listening… showing willingness to listen, but often feeling exhausted without really knowing why… MHF is also a program for mental health specialists who wish to identify rapid intervention mechanisms, to share their experience with others, to become better in their field and to find efficient management strategies for the resources they have!”

Lecturer. Dr. Ana Moise, Psychologist, MHF Master Trainer