Certified Supervision Professional

The Certified Supervision Professional certification program is designed to introduce counselors, as well as other professionals and paraprofessionals, to this field. It is founded on the belief that general knowledge of theory and skills pertaining to this domain, combined with practice, can help counselors at any stage of their development to gain a basic level of competencies pertaining to supervision.


The Certified Supervision Professional:

  • Understands the concept of supervision and can introduce it to his/her trainees
  • Understands the purpose and goals of supervision and is able to explain it to trainees & clients
  • Understands the main models of supervision and chooses one/both of them to ground his/her supervision process of GCDF trainees on the practice case
  • Applies well researched supervision methods and techniques when supervising GCDF (trainees) on the practice case
  • Organizes his/her supervision sessions with the GCDF (trainees)
  • Explores, identifies and sets clear learning goals for GCDF trainees for their practice case
  • Evaluates GCDF (trainees) skills on their practice case
  • Recognizes and adapts to different stages of emotional, cognitive and moral development of GCDF (trainees)
  • Recognizes and deals with ethical dilemmas
  • Recognizes factors that may affect the supervision relationship between the GCDF trainer and the GCDF (trainees)
  • Creates a supervision contract


For the Certified Supervision Professional certification are considered eligible professionals from the following fields: counseling, psychology / psychotherapy, coaching, education, social work and other helping professions.

Core areas of competency certified are:

  • Purposes of supervision.
  • Theoretical frameworks and models of supervision.
  • Types of supervision.
  • Roles and relationships in supervision.
  • Legal and ethical issues in supervision.
  • Multicultural issues in supervision.
  • Supervision Interventions.
  • Professional Development of Supervisees.

The certification implies attending the Basics of Supervision in Helping Professions training and successfully passing the evaluation criteria for graduating the program.

The certificate is valid for 3 years and it implies continuous education to ensure an adequate level of knowledge and abilities.

The Certified Supervision Professional recertification requires:

  • 60 hours of supervision offered to practitioners
  • 20 hours of continuous education in the areas of supervision competences