Supervision in counseling

Supervision holds a central line in the training and the continuous development of counselors and other helping professions specialists. The standards established by credentialing organisms for counselors’ training emphasize that the training of future specialists should take place under an attentive supervision (CACREP, 2009)

Supervision is a common activity that most professionals will go through at some point in their career (Bernard & Goodyear, 2009). The professional ethic codes recommend that supervisors constantly develop their abilities in the field.

In line with its mission to promote professionalism and quality assurance in counseling, EBCC collaborated with CCE to develop the CSP certification program. The program aims to equip helping professionals and paraprofessionals with the basic knowledge, skills and techniques of supervision. This training is beneficial for all helping professions’ practitioners with no experience in supervision and for supervisors with no training in the field.

The certification program implies attending the Basics of Supervision in Helping Professions training, fulfilling some criteria and an evaluation after which the Certified Supervision Professional credential will be given.