Counseling supervision

The elevated need for supervision amongst helping professions specialists  (counselors, psychologists, speech therapists, coaches, social workers, etc) is caused by specific elements of their work: high level of autonomy (compared with practitioners from other fields), frequent need for decision making in high ambiguity situations, ethical obligation to position the client’s interest above the personal interest, etc. (Bernard & Goodyear, 2004)

In the auto-regulation process of the profession, supervision plays an essential role in setting quality standards, verifying those accepted in the professional community, familiarization of the abecedarians with the values and ethical norms of the profession, developing the necessary abilities for an efficient practice and, above all, protecting the clients. (Holloway & Neufeldt, 1995, p.207)

Hand in hand with its mission of counseling professionalization, NBCC Romania organizes individual or peer supervision sessions for the members of the GCDF community, but also for practitioners form the counseling field.

The supervision activities are counted as activities with continuous education hours.

The recommended supervisors list is compiled of Certified Supervision Professionals, with experience in career counseling in private practice, in educational, academic, organizational contexts and in school counseling.

NBCC Romania Monthly Peer Supervision Sessions:

  • 03.24.2016, 19:00, facilitator Elena Amalia Stanciu
  • 04.26.2016, 18:00, facilitators Gabriel Chicioreanu and Mihaela Guranda
  • 05.26.2016, 18:00, facilitator Nicoleta Lițoiu
  • 06.23.2016, 18:00, facilitator Andreea Roșca
  • 07.26.2016, 18:00, facilitator Ioana Panc
  • 08.23.2016, 18:00, facilitator Mihaela Guranda

For individual supervision sessions, please contact NBCC Romania.

Peer supervision sessions are held monthly and are announced here.